About Us and Production

Ahmet Uysal Yağhanesi was founded by Ahmet Uysal Çakaloğlu in the village of Aydın / Germencik / Hıdırbeyli on 29 October 1927. The bonds of our family have never been separated from olive oil for nearly a century and have survived until today. As an ancestral heritage, we continue to present our products to the world tables.

The product processing at this historic facility continues briefly as follows.

Our oilhouse consists of sections;
-Entrance / courtyard, crop and delivery
-Crushing olives / obtaining olive paste 
-Bagging and pressing the olive paste to put in the inner section / press

In the ancient way; The olive paste obtained by crushing with rotary cylindrical stones is taken to the dough waiting section in the pressing section. Stone cylinders rotating by animal power are ancient ways. The olive paste obtained is placed in bristle bags in the inner section. Bristle bags stacked on top of each other are placed in presses and squeezed by "dwarf", that is, human power, to separate the olive from the dough. In the meantime, the bags are taken down from the press twice and water at 40-50 degrees is given. The leaked oil flows from there to the waiting pulums and rests there.

The work at the facility was later transformed into a crane method and is carried out by a team of 4 people. The water requirement of the facility is supplied from two water wells in the courtyard. Later, 4 cylinders of stone were motorized. Our simultaneous use of human and animal power is based on efficiency.

The oilhouse was illuminated by large candles and glass gas lamps previously hung from the ceiling; With the arrival of the moving carbide to Turkey, it has been used carbide lamps. Later, sailor lanterns were used. Our oilhouse, renewed with the loyalty we feel to our roots, continues its activities using the latest technologies; continues to keep alive the ancestral heritage.


As Ağaoğlu; Our main goal is to ensure that the olive oils we produce from our olives collected from our own garden reach your table at superior quality. With this goal, it is our basic principle to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. In line with our goals, we adopt new generation technologies, change and development for the better.


It is our mission to produce our olive oils in the most honest way and present them to your satisfaction by caring for our society and environment with an innovative perspective without compromising naturalness. We aim to provide high quality and service with our page that we opened to make it easier for everyone to reach the most natural and best olive oil products.

Our Quality and Food Policy

We aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by improving ourselves with continuous improvement studies. We strive to ensure that the relationships we establish with our customers, which is an important issue in quality management, are based on honesty and goodwill and long-term. One of the important factors that ensure the continuity of the quality of our brand is the implementation of laws, regulations, communiqués and adherence to professional ethical rules to ensure that our employees work in a happy and productive environment. Our quality and safe products are produced in the healthiest conditions. We keep the production performance at the highest level in terms of quality by complying with all the requirements of management systems and reviewing them regularly. With our qualified personnel, we have aimed to produce our products safely with the help of innovative technologies in line with the identification and introduction of risks in food safety in all processes, taking into account human health and consumer expectations, and ensuring their control in the next steps.

Our Environmental Policy

In order to protect our environment and ensure its continuity, we aim to leave a livable clean environment for future generations by keeping environmental effects under control, minimizing the effects and continuously improving our performance by complying with all laws and regulations. What we do to achieve this goal:

  • To carry out continuous development and improvement studies,
  • Using technologies that are the least damaging to the environment within technical and economic limits,
  • To pay attention to environmental effects in our facility,
  • To raise awareness of our employees in order to increase their sensitivity to the environment,
  • To examine and improve the environmental impact of our products from the consumer point of view,
  • To benefit from recycling in order to reduce wastes that may occur as a result of production, transportation, operation, treatment and maintenance steps,