29 October
Ahmet Uysal Çakaloğlu Yağhanesi was founded by Ahmet Uysal Çakaloğlu in the village of Aydın / Germencik / Hıdırbeyli on 29 October 1927.

The bonds of our family have never been separated from olive oil for nearly a century and have survived until today. As an ancestral heritage, we continue to present our products to the world tables.


Olive Oil in Mythology

There is a lot of information about olive oil in mythology, let's listen to these;
In ancient Greek mythology, It is stated that the name of Athens, which was founded in B.C.17, was determined by an olive branch. Accordingly, Zeus gathers the council of gods to name the city to be established. He says that the god or goddess who gave the city the most precious gift will give the city its name and be its protector. Poseidon, the god of the sea, creates a horse that will be very useful in battles from the sea and brings it to the attention of the assembly. The gift of Athena, the goddess of mind, science and art, is an olive branch. This tree will live for hundreds of years, people will feed on its fruit. In addition, a liquid will be obtained from the fruit of the tree. This liquid will heal wounds and brighten at night. Athena is the winner of the competition. The olive tree is planted in the Acropolis. It is said that still all olive trees have grown from this first olive tree created by Athena.

Benefits of Olive Oil

Cleans The Liver
Regulates Digestion
Boosts Metabolism
Strengthens Bones
Protects the Skin
Strengthens Hair
Balances Blood Sugar
Regulates Blood Pressure
Reduces stress